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What To Do If You're Nervous About Job Interviews

Even the most seasoned interviewees can get nervous when interviewing for a new job. If you're afraid that you're not qualified enough to land your dream job, this could be a common fear. But, despite how daunting it might seem, you should never let your mind wander from the task at hand.

Get a network of people to support you before job interview.

It can be as small as getting your local softball team to do some support for you, or as big as friends and family going to the interview and a bazillion people sending you love notes or light vibes and saying prayers for your success! So do some research and have fun making it even more meaningful.

Believe In Yourself.

Show enthusiasm. Keep your arms at your side as you walk, and your head up. Don't slouch. Walk in a straight line and don't sway. Smile and move your feet so that your whole body is in motion.

Use Positive Body Language Before a Job Interview.

If you dress well, speak in a clear and pleasant voice, smile and exude confidence, most people will notice and respect you. Compare your facial expressions. If you show extreme happiness, open your mouth widely, or use a forced grin, then you are worried and insecure. According to many psychologists, people make the best decisions when they are uncertain and making decisions on the fly. This means that they think rapidly and make quick judgments on which alternatives are better than others.

Practice by Going to Job Interviews.

The first way to do this is to practice with friends that know the industry. You will make a bunch of mistakes. People that work in the industry will notice. But that's ok. Once you start sending out resumes, you will not be going to many interviews, I mean, the number will be very small. Still practice.

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